Lifestyle for fit

We introduce you a new magazine :                   Lifestyle for fit.

Magazine about new trends and new products in the fitness world.
The Lifestyle for fit magazine offers you a unique opportunity to present your company and your products in the UK as the Lifestyle for fit magazine is distributed to fitness centers across the UK for members and staff and is absolutely for free!

According to statistical data for 2017, there are over 6700 fitness centers in the UK and about 10,000,000 members. The Lifestyle for fit magazine comes in A4 format on 16 pages, four times a year (spring, summer, autumn and winter), so the presentation is limited. The number of magazine prints is min. 20 000. Our priority is to bring an interesting magazine to the reader with the maximum of new information, so it is one of the rules to present in each publication only one product in each category (for example - presenting only one energy drink in one edition ...).
We do not offer the promotion in Lifestyle for fit magazine to everyone, but the list of products and services is carefully selected by our team.
 Our priority is the satisfaction of our readers, but also our clients presenting their products in our magazine. The Lifestyle for fit magazine will also be available in digital form on the Internet. The readers are very easy to get to the internet magazine Lifestyle for fit, because on the first page of the magazine is a QR code. Do not hesitate to contact us today to avoid this unique opportunity ...

Your Lifestyle for fit team.

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