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JETMIX® tabletop

The most innovative protein shake machine    

- made in Germany

A fully automatic, industrial protein shake machine for commercial use. The JETMIX® tabletop is suitable for every bar and counter.

The centerpiece, the "JETMIX PROCESS" nozzle blending function, is one of three patented systems, making the machine unique and non-copyable.

JETMIX® Powder System

The reliable and efficient solution to escape preparation inaccuracies.

Quick and easy change of the powder container by using the original container

No annoying dust formation, no extra transfer containers or complex assembly

Saving protein powder

No cleaning effort

Nutritional information of protein powder for each transparent shown

Acceptance of 300 protein shakes until the next powder change

JETMIX® Clean in Place System

Daily fully automatic self-cleaning of the entire system.

No elaborate hand cleaning

No opening or dismantling of the machine

Strict compliance with hygiene standards

Daily fully automatic self-cleaning of the entire system in 5 minutes

Daily manual cleaning of only one minute

The JETMIX® Standalone

enables a completely autonomous shake preparation. The desired protein shake can be selected by the customer himself via the user interface and paid for directly at the machine. In this case, the payment via card readers or other payment systems (such as coins). A base cabinet is available in all possible colors / decors and can thus be adapted to the desired corporate design of the studio.

The JETMIX® can also be easily placed on a counter in the studio (for example at the drinks bar, reception / exit).

JETMIX® Milk System

Integrated self-cooling milk cooler with 8 liters capacity

No cleaning effort

No expensive Beistellkühlschrank

No dodging on milk powder

Highest quality for your members

Better taste and optimal nutritional value through the use of real milk

JETMIX® variant variety

It left nothing to be desired

The JETMIX® tabletop offers 60 different shake variants

The combination of the 5 protein powders gives rise to 15 different flavors

Two frothing variants and the media base, consisting of milk or water, guarantee an individual taste experience

                               JETMIX®                     color light system

                                               Aesthetic LED lighting

Adjustable to the company's own 

corporate design. Underpainted the 

housing contour for the greatest 

possible customer attention.

JETMIX® user interface

The user can select the desired shake variant via the easy operation of the integrated 7 "touch display.

With a few touches you can also access the menus: Service, Level, Statistics and Settings.

The Statistics menu provides information about the protein shakes sold. The values synchronize in real time.

                                        JETMIX®                 product specifications

       All food contact parts are 

FDA and NSF approved.

Highest quality of the materials 

used and the concept create 

reliability and continuity.

Anodized aluminum housing 

with integrated 

 7 "touch display FDA and NSF 

approval of all food 

contact parts.

Dimensions : 70 x 53 x 62 cm (WxHxD)

Water : hard water

Milk tank : 8 liters

Detergent tank : 1 liter