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All bodybuilders are aware of what an important source of protein whey is for building muscle and enhancing recovery. Shadowhey is our incursion into a bloated industry that desperately needs an upgrade. Here's why: Shadowhey contains pure whey concentrate, is high in BCAAs, and contains minimal fat & carbohydrates. It helps that this bad boy tastes incredible as well, making it the clear, standout choice as the industry's best 100% whey protein concentrate.

                                                Dorian Yates 

Shadowhey is the highest quality whey protein concentrate available on the market, containing over 22 grams of protein per scoop.

Naturally high in BCAAs and glutamine, Shadowhey is rapidly digested and perfect for post-workout or as a convenient source of protein between meals throughout the day.

Available in a delicious array of flavours, Shadowhey is a genuinely great tasting product to look forward to drinking.

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                                                                                Shadowhey Isolate contains only pure, cross-flow filtered whey protein isolate for maximum bioavailability.

Contains 26 grams** of the highest quality, rapid-acting whey protein isolate per serving, ideal for post-workout or a quick surge of convenient protein.

Shadowhey Isolate contains 0 grams of sugar and 0 grams of fat per serving, making it the standout whey isolate product on the market.

Whey Protein Shadowhey Anabolic Hydrolyzed 2.27Kg

Shadowhey Hydrolysate - Anabolic Hydrolysed Protein contains 90% rapid-acting, high-quality protein and essential nutrients. Provides 22g of lean protein per serving. Contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Ideal for post-workout or a quick surge of highly bioavailable protein.

Shadowhey Hydrolysate is packed with a potent type of hydrolyzed whey protein which has the highest rate of absorption by the human body, which makes it a perfect choice for people looking to develop lean muscle mass faster. Shadowhey Hydrolysate is naturally rich in Amino Acids that aid the body in fortifying muscle mass and preventing catabolism.


  • 0 grams of FAT per serving
  • 0 SUGAR per serving
  • Fast Acting protein
  • 90% protein


To obtain the most pristine Whey Protein, special enzymes are being used during the manufacturing process to break down protein chains into peptides. These peptides are rapidly digested and absorbed by the human body, thus making Shadowhey Hydrolysate the best choice for people who are looking to increase lean muscle tissue in a short period of time.

Whey Protein - Whey protein is a type of protein that comes from milk and has the highest level of absorption by the human body.

Amino Acids - Most of Amino Acids are created naturally by the human body. However, putting a stress on the muscle tissue through running, cycling, swimming, physical exercise, and weight training depletes the Amino Acids reserves. This, in turn, makes the body enter the catabolism phase, where the body consumes the muscle tissue in order to replenish its resources.

HMB - Also known as Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, HMB in combination with training can provide an enhancement of strength. Aids in the development of lean muscle mass by inhibiting the breakdown of proteins in all the body cells and boosting the absorption of protein directly in the muscle tissue.

Lactase Enzyme - is generally produced by the human body and has the role to help with the digestion of lactose. In combination with whey protein, Lactase Enzyme can boost the breakdown and absorption of protein.

D-aspartic Acid - can increase the release of hormone in the brain, resulting in an increase of testosterone production. Increased Testosterone levels in conjunction with strength training or physical exercise aid in the development of lean muscle mass.

Iron - is an element of hemoglobin, a substance commonly found in the red blood cells that carries oxygen through the body. Iron improves the vascularization of the human body, by transporting more oxygen to the muscle, enhancing strength gains.

Zinc - is found in a multitude of cells throughout the human body and has the role to enhance the immune system to fight off bacteria and viruses. Also, Zinc has the property accelerate the healing time of wounds.


For first time gym goers: start by mixing 1 scoop of powder with 250ml of water or skimmed milk.

For serious gym goers: mix 2 scoops of powder with 250-350ml of water or skimmed milk.


For first time gym goers: drink 1 serving after each training session or physical exercise

For serious gym goers: drink 1 serving after your workout or in-between meals in order to reach your fitness goals, you can supplement your daily protein intake to reach 2,2g of protein per body kilo.

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