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All bodybuilders are aware of what an important source of protein whey is for building muscle and enhancing recovery. Shadowhey is our incursion into a bloated industry that desperately needs an upgrade. Here's why: Shadowhey contains pure whey concentrate, is high in BCAAs, and contains minimal fat & carbohydrates. It helps that this bad boy tastes incredible as well, making it the clear, standout choice as the industry's best 100% whey protein concentrate.

                                                Dorian Yates 

Shadowhey is the highest quality whey protein concentrate available on the market, containing over 22 grams of protein per scoop.

Naturally high in BCAAs and glutamine, Shadowhey is rapidly digested and perfect for post-workout or as a convenient source of protein between meals throughout the day.

Available in a delicious array of flavours, Shadowhey is a genuinely great tasting product to look forward to drinking.

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                                                                                Shadowhey Isolate contains only pure, cross-flow filtered whey protein isolate for maximum bioavailability.

Contains 26 grams** of the highest quality, rapid-acting whey protein isolate per serving, ideal for post-workout or a quick surge of convenient protein.

Shadowhey Isolate contains 0 grams of sugar and 0 grams of fat per serving, making it the standout whey isolate product on the market.

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